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The BGV IV fund has attracted notable institutions as investors such as, Bristol Myers Squibb, Schroder Adveq and the European ... 周三,2020年6月24日09:00:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202006242086/biogeneration-ventures-closes-bgv-iv-fund-at-105-million.html 第一名参与者在1期临床研究中使用VTP-300免疫疗法治疗慢性感染的乙肝患者 //www.whuphiv.com/202006232085/first-participant-dosed-in-phase-1-clinical-study-with-vtp-300-immunotherapeutic-to-treat-chronically-infected-hepatitis-b-patients.html

<强> OXFO​​RD,英国,2020年6月23日/美通社B3C金宝搏官网mg / - Vaccitech有限公司,临床阶段的生物制药企业,开发免疫疗法来治疗和预防感染性疾病和癌症,今天宣布,它已投放的第一人,在1期临床研究,调查了VTP-300黄金的安全性和免疫原性在健康参加者和患有慢性乙型肝炎病毒(HBV)谁是病毒口服抗病毒药物抑制。的VTP-300原包括Vaccitech的黑猩猩腺病毒牛津1(ChAdOx1),非复制的病毒载体递送3全长HBV抗原刺激剧烈抗体和混合... 星期二,2020年6月23日09:00:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202006232085/first-participant-dosed-in-phase-1-clinical-study-with-vtp-300-immunotherapeutic-to-treat-chronically-infected-hepatitis-b-patients.html SOTIO提出了新的数据显示在小鼠体内IL-15超级激动剂SO-C101的强大的抗肿瘤作用2020 AACR虚拟届年会II //www.whuphiv.com/202006222084/sotio-presents-new-data-showing-strong-anti-tumor-effect-of-il-15-superagonist-so-c101-in-mice-at-2020-AACR-虚拟年度的会议,ii.html

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, June 22, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- SOTIO and Cytune Pharma from the PPF Group, today presented new preclinical data highlighting the therapeutic potential of SO-C101, an IL-15 superagonist, as a monotherapy and in combination with PD-1 inhibitors in multiple tumor models. The data were presented in a virtual poster presentation at the 2020 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Virtual Annual Meeting II.

“SO-C101 is a highly promising modality in immuno-oncology given its ability to mobilize the two most important cell types driving anti-cancer immune responses, NK cells and CD8+ T cells. ... 星期一,2020年6月22日15:00:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202006222084/sotio-presents-new-data-showing-strong-anti-tumor-effect-of-il-15-superagonist-so-c101-in-mice-at-2020-AACR-虚拟年度的会议,ii.html 快乐25年周年,药品合作的新时代 //www.whuphiv.com/202006222083/happy-25-years-anniversary-and-a-new-era-of-pharma-partnering.html

HEIDELBERG, Germany, June 22, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- 25 years ago, on 20 June 1995, RauCon introduced a completely new category of partnering event: just business deals, no lectures, no company presentations, no keynotes, no stunts or similar distractions. The European Pharma Licensing Exchange was born, euroPLX for short. It was the world’s first and still is the leading partnering event focused on pharma business opportunities.

On its 25-years anniversary and more than 70 successful euroPLX events later, RauCon launched the next new category of pharma partnering: the Marketplace for Pharma Business Opportunities.
... 2020年6月22日星期一000:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202006222083/happy-25-years-anniversary-and-a-new-era-of-pharma-partnering.html arivis推出了多用户VR的体积成像 //www.whuphiv.com/202006162082/arivis-unveils-multiuser-vr-for-volumetric-imaging.html

MUNICH, Germany, June 16, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- arivis , a software provider for visualization, analysis, and management of big image data, announces the new VisionVR 3.2, which now enables users to simultaneously experience 3D and 4D image volumes and surfaces in an immersive environment.

Meet collaborators in VR

Users of arivis VisionVR can meet in a virtual environment and work together on the same dataset. The new collaboration functionality includes:

  • Movement, scaling and clipping of data volumes occur in real time for all participants.
  • Intranet or Internet is configurable.
  • Users see each other’s position, view direction, and hand movement.
  • Collaborators ... 2020年6月16日星期二000:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202006162082/arivis-unveils-multiuser-vr-for-volumetric-imaging.html 在2020年第二届AACR虚拟年会上,SOTIO将展示关于IL-15超激动剂SO-C101的临床前数据 //www.whuphiv.com/202006152081/sotio-to-present-new-preclinical-data-on-il-15-superagonist-so-c101-at-the-2020-aacr-virtual-annual-meeting-ii.html

    PRAGUE, Czech Republic, June 15, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- SOTIO , a clinical stage immuno-oncology company and Cytune Pharma, both owned by PPF Group, announced that they will present new preclinical data on SO-C101, an IL-15 superagonist currently being studied in a Phase 1 trial for the treatment of advanced solid tumors, in a virtual poster presentation at the 2020 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Virtual Annual Meeting II being held from June 22-24, 2020.

    Poster presentation details

    Poster title: SO-C101 displays strong anti-tumor effect in TC-1 and TRAMP-C2 tumor mice and in combination with PD-1 blockade prevents tumor development in a NK and CD8+ T cells dependent mannerSO-C101 displays strong anti-tumor effect in TC-1 and TRAMP-C2 tumor mice and in combination with PD-1 blockade prevents tumor development in a NK and CD8+ T cells dependent manner
    Abstract: 6686 / 2
    Session: Session PO.IM02.20 - Immunomodulatory ... 2020年6月15日星期一1400:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202006152081/sotio-to-present-new-preclinical-data-on-il-15-superagonist-so-c101-at-the-2020-aacr-virtual-annual-meeting-ii.html ZZ生物科技公司宣布FDA快速通道命名为行程计划 //www.whuphiv.com/202006122080/zz-biotech-announces-fda-fast-track-designation-for-stroke-program.html

    HOUSTON, USA, June 12, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- ZZ Biotech today announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has designated the investigation of the company’s experimental drug 3K3A-APC for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke as a Fast Track development program.

    ZZ Biotech’s 3K3A-APC is a genetically engineered variant of the naturally occurring activated Protein C, which plays a role in the regulation of blood clotting and inflammation. In animal models of stroke, 3K3A-APC has helped prevent bleeding caused by tPA, the only drug currently indicated for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. The ... 周五,2020年6月12日09:30:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202006122080/zz-biotech-announces-fda-fast-track-designation-for-stroke-program.html 眼科数字健康:Implandata推出EYEMATE - IOP-Tracking服务,用于远程监控和改善青光眼护理 //www.whuphiv.com/202006082079/ophthalmic-digital-health-implandata-launches-eyemate-iop-tracking-service-for-remote-monitoring-and-improved-glaucoma-care.html

    Keeping patients safe and improving quality of care – anytime and anywhere

    HANNOVER, Germany, June 08, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH , a digital health company, announces the launch of its web-based EYEMATE IOP-Tracking Service for remote monitoring and management of glaucoma care. The EYEMATE IOP-Tracking Service is the world’s first solution to provide eye doctors with Intra-Ocular Pressure (IOP) measurements collected 24/7/365 under patients’ normal life conditions.

    Prof. Kaweh Mansouri, MD, Ophthalmologist at Clinique de Montchoisi Lausanne/Switzerland and Chief Medical Officer of Implandata explains: “Remote IOP monitoring provides immediate alert in case the therapy ... 星期一,2020年6月8日09:30:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202006082079/ophthalmic-digital-health-implandata-launches-eyemate-iop-tracking-service-for-remote-monitoring-and-improved-glaucoma-care.html Cellbox解决方案任命赫伯特博士米勒 - 哈特曼的研发负责人 //www.whuphiv.com/202006052078/cellbox-solutions-appoints-dr-herbert-mueller-hartmann-as-head-of-research-and-development.html

    KIEL, Germany, June 05, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- Effective today, Cellbox Solutions GmbH announces the appointment of former Head of Biosolutions R&D from Lonza Pharma and Biotech, Dr. Herbert A. Mueller-Hartmann, as the new Head of Research and Development. Dr. Mueller-Hartmann will be continuing on the successful work of Dr. Hans-Otto Nagels.

    Wolfgang Kintzel, CEO of Cellbox Solutions, commented: “As Cellbox Solutions enters into its next phase of growth, it is with great pleasure that we announce Herbert as our new Head of R&D. Herbert brings with him extensive experience and a strong record for developing significant ... 周五,2020年6月5日10:30:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202006052078/cellbox-solutions-appoints-dr-herbert-mueller-hartmann-as-head-of-research-and-development.html 德尔塔4宣布与药物发现平台取得的结果 //www.whuphiv.com/202006022077/delta-4-announces-results-achieved-with-drug-discovery-platform.html < p > < a href = " https://delta4。ai /“目标= "平等" rel = "遵循不noopener”> < / > < / p > < p > < / p > < ul > <李> <强>积极候选药物临床前数据罕见的肾脏疾病< /强> < /李> <李> <强>平台提供有前途的候选人名单COVID-19药物< /强> < /李> < / ul > < p > <强> < br / >维也纳,奥地利,6月2日2020 < /强> / <强> B3C新闻专线/ < /强> < a href = " https://delta4。金宝搏官网mg>是一家生物技术公司,利用其经过验证的数字药物发现平台来确定已获批准的药物的新适应症。该公司今天宣布了两个药物发现和开发项目的最新成果。Delta 4的主导项目旨在开发一种治疗局灶节段性肾小球硬化(FSGS)的方法,FSGS是一种影响儿童和成人的罕见肾脏疾病,Delta 4总结了具有前景的临床前进展。公司开始申请专利,现在… 2020年6月2日星期二1400:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202006022077/delta-4-announces-results-achieved-with-drug-discovery-platform.html 维特尔赢得了Axia最佳管理公司奖 //www.whuphiv.com/202005282076/vetter-wins-axia-best-managed-companies-award.html < p > < a href = " https://www.vetter-pharma.com/en " target = "平等" rel = "跟随没有noopener " > < / > < / p > < ul > <李> <强>密封质量优秀企业管理< /强> < /李> <李> <强>分析领域的战略,创新,企业文化和金融< /强> < /李> <李> <强>综合三级申请过程< /强> < /李> < / ul > < p > <强> RAVENSBURG,德国5月28日2020 / B3C newswire / -- A look at vital figures makes it clear that Vetter is a very successful, globally active Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). Over the last ten years, the company has more than doubled its annual sales revenues to approximately 670 million euros while the number of staff members has grown to 5,000. Now, there is further proof. The family-owned company has been awarded the Axia Best ... 2020年5月28日星期四16:15:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202005282076/vetter-wins-axia-best-managed-companies-award.html IRBM宣布生产13000剂Covid-19疫苗,用于牛津大学的2/3期临床试验 //www.whuphiv.com/202005282075/irbm-s-advent-announces-manufacture-of-13-000-doses-of-covid-19-vaccine-for-use-in-phase-2-3-临床试验由这所大学 - 的 - oxford.html

    POMEZIA, Italy, May 28, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- Advent Srl , an IRBM company and global leader in viral vector manufacturing, announces it has manufactured 13,000 doses of the novel Covid-19 vaccine candidate, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (now known as AZD1222). The first 4,000 doses have been delivered for use in the Phase 2/3 clinical trial   COV002 by the University of Oxford, England.

    Following a long history of partnership, including the announcement on 7 February of an agreement between The Jenner Institute and IRBM’s Advent to manufacture ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, Advent has now manufactured ... 星期四,2020年5月28日09:00:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202005282075/irbm-s-advent-announces-manufacture-of-13-000-doses-of-covid-19-vaccine-for-use-in-phase-2-3-临床试验由这所大学 - 的 - oxford.html SeraNovo进入与生物科学卡尔纳第二个许可协议进行卡尔纳康尼激酶抑制剂口服制剂的开发 //www.whuphiv.com/202005262074/seranovo-enters-into-a-second-license-agreement-with-carna-biosciences-for-development-of-oral-formulation-of-carna-s-kinase-inhibitor.html

    <强>莱顿,荷兰,May 26, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- SeraNovo B.V. today announced that it has signed a second License Agreement with Carna Biosciences, Inc., a company engaged in the drug development of kinase inhibitors. Under the agreement, the companies will expand their existing collaboration and jointly develop an oral formulation of a new active ingredient with an enhanced bioavailability. Utilising its proprietary Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES) formulation platform , SeraNovo is formulating one of Carna’s proprietary drugs to increase its oral bioavailability. The DES formulation platform is based on GRAS excipients that are used for oral administration and ... 星期二2020 09:00:00 +0200 5月26日 //www.whuphiv.com/202005262074/seranovo-enters-into-a-second-license-agreement-with-carna-biosciences-for-development-of-oral-formulation-of-carna-s-kinase-inhibitor.html 王树文宣布的数据表明的同行评审的出版物中未选择的女性其先兆子痫的突破检测装置的潜力 //www.whuphiv.com/202005212073/shuwen-announces-peer-reviewed-publication-of-data-demonstrating-the-potential-of-its-breakthrough-preeclampsia-detection-device-in-unselected-women.html

    DEQING, China, May 21, 2020 / B3C newswire / -- Shuwen Biotech Co. Ltd. , a China-based leader in innovative diagnostics announced today the peer-reviewed publication of data highlighting the potential of its breakthrough point-of-care test in rapidly diagnosing Preeclampsia among women who are admitted to the hospital. The paper, entitled “ Late pregnancy screening for preeclampsia with a urinary point-of-care test for misfolded proteins ”, was written by collaborators from China Medical University's Shengjing Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center in New York and demonstrates the ability of the test to detect preeclampsia at a high level of accuracy in women admitted to the hospital for any reason. The findings included ... 2020年5月21日星期四11:00:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202005212073/shuwen-announces-peer-reviewed-publication-of-data-demonstrating-the-potential-of-its-breakthrough-preeclampsia-detection-device-in-unselected-women.html 气道治疗公司和Celonic集团合作生产AT-100作为冠状病毒的新候选者 //www.whuphiv.com/202005202072/airway-therapeutics-and-celonic-group-collaborate-to-produce-at-100-as-promising-new-candidate-for-coronavirus.html
    < a href = " https://www.airwaytherapeutics.com " target = "平等" rel = "跟随没有noopener " > < / >, < / td > < / tr > < / tbody > < /表> < p > <强> - 100生产预计将在6月< /强> < / p > < p > <强>辛辛那提,哦,美国和巴塞尔瑞士,5月20日2020 / B3C新闻专线/ < /强>气道疗法,Inc .)、生物制剂的生物制药公司开发一个新类打破这个循环的损伤和炎症患者呼吸疾金宝搏官网mg病和炎症性疾病,and Celonic Group , a premium biopharmaceutical CDMO specialized in the development and production of Advance Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) and mammalian cell line-expressed biotherapeutics, today announced a collaboration to produce the novel human recombinant protein AT-100 (rhSP-D) as a therapeutic candidate ... 2020年5月20日星期三1500:00 +0200 //www.whuphiv.com/202005202072/airway-therapeutics-and-celonic-group-collaborate-to-produce-at-100-as-promising-new-candidate-for-coronavirus.html